South Town Jame Masjid

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South Town Jame Masjid is located in the South Town residential project of Keraniganj, adjacent to Old Dhaka, adjacent to the capital Dhaka. The architectural style and varied constructions have given the mosque added beauty and place in the pages of history. Although the mosque is primarily a place of prayer, this mosque has occupied a place in the hearts of people who love beauty due to the aesthetics of the construction style.

Therefore, the message of the mosque has easily reached the doorsteps of people in the world and across the country. As a result, every day many visitors from far and wide come to visit the mosque and offer prayers. Which caused a stir in the area.

How to Go South Town Jame Masjid

The South Town Jame Masjid, which was built over a period of two years, has 3 main gates on the east side and a total of 5 entrances on both sides. And inside the mosque, there are numerous windows for ventilation. The mosque, established on half a bigha of land, has a facility to offer prayers to about 600 worshippers Those of you who are in Dhaka or nearby areas can visit the Samjid on holidays.

Jatrabari from the capital Dhaka will come from any part of the country. From there, take a Laguna or a bus across the Postgola Bridge and ride another Laguna to get off at the Keraniganj Central Jail Gate. After walking 5-6 minutes from Jail Gate, you will find South Town Residential Project on the right side. As soon as you enter the gate of the project, you can see the unique beautiful South Town Jame Masjid.
Besides, if you come from Gulistan in Dhaka to Babubazar Bridge and take a bus or CNG, you will find the South Town Residential Project just in front of the new jail located at Rajendrapur on the Dhaka Mawa Highway.

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