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The unique bus service in Bangladesh is operated by a number of private companies. unique bus provide safe and comfortable transportation for passengers. Most buses offer a variety of seating options and amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, music and TV. There is also a good selection of routes available, with buses travelling to many of the country’s major cities and towns. In addition, many buses are equipped with attractive features like onboard toilets and air-conditioning. The bus service in Bangladesh is an economical way to travel, and can be a great way to explore the country. all information collected by goroli.com.

Unique Bus Counter Details

Unique Bus Counter Dhaka The Unique Bus Counter Dhaka is a unique bus terminal located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is the largest bus terminal in the country and is located in the center of Dhaka city. The terminal has a capacity of over 1,500 buses and serves more than 5,000 passengers daily. The terminal is managed by the Dhaka Transport Corporation (DTC) and provides direct services to more than 30 destinations across Bangladesh. It also provides international bus services to India and Nepal. The Unique Bus Counter Dhaka offers a variety of services including ticket booking, baggage check-in, luggage storage, currency exchange, and more.

Unique Bus Counter Dhaka

The Dhaka Bus Counter is one of the most popular counters in Bangladesh. It is located at the Dhaka Bus Station and is the first point of contact for thousands of travelers, who come to Dhaka from other cities. The counter is the central hub for all bus operations, including ticketing, boarding and disembarking of passengers. The counter has been serving the public since its inception in 1999 and provides a great service to both travelers and commuters alike. The counter also provides a number of services, such as ticketing, changing of buses, and providing information about the different routes and destinations. The staff at the counter are well-trained and are always there to help travelers with any queries they may have.

Unique Bus Counter number Dhaka The unique bus counter numbers in Dhaka are as follows:

Gabtoli Bus Counter01190806447; 01963622223; 0290027710
Kallanpur Bus Counter01197160992
Asadgate Bus Counter01963622255; 9233810; 029133917
Shukrabad Bus Counter01191406367; 01963622234; 027546377
Chittagong Road Bus Counter01819692979; 01963622237; 01819692079
Kachukhet Bus Counter01711023886
Mirpur 10 Bus Counter01963622240; 028054813
Nardda Bus Counter01963622238; 01559666468
Golapbagh Bus Counter01963-622232; 02-7540027
Fakirapul Bus Counter01963622226; 01963622227; 011190806449;027195761; 027195988
Komlapur Bus Counter9337846
Saydabad Bus Counter01191406367; 01963622234; 02-7546377

Unique Bus Counter Chittagong

The Unique Bus Counter Chittagong is a bus station located in the city of Chittagong, Bangladesh. offering passengers multiple options for travelling to various destinations. The station provides a range of services, including ticketing and booking, luggage storage, and a cafe. It also serves as a hub for numerous bus lines and companies, such as Shyamoli Paribahan and Royal Bengal Transport.

Navy Hospital Bus Counter01963622257; 031800351
E.P.Z Road Bus Counter800351
Halis Pur Bus Counter724373
Vatiari Bazar Bus Counter04433320269
Sitakundu Bus Counter04434484686
Baiyar Hut Bus Counter01819613116
Dam Para Bus Counter01724452007
Sheik Mujib Road Bus Counter01197292397
A.K Khan Road Bus Counter2770983

Unique Bus Counter Sylhet

The unique bus counter in Sylhet is the Kewa Bus Stand, which is a central bus stand located in the heart of the city. The Kewa Bus Stand serves as the main hub for buses running to and from Sylhet. It serves as the main bus stand for all the buses running to and from Sylhet, including the inter-city buses.

Mania center Bus Counter03894557800
Purbo Dargha gate Bus Counter03894557801
Sobhami ghat Bus Counter03894557802; 01963622247
Kodomtoli  Bus Counter03894557803; 01963-622248
Jamuna Market Bus Counter03894557804
Humayun Chattar Bus Counter01963622244

unique Bus Counter Cox’s Bazar

The Cox’s Bazar Bus Counter is a unique bus station in Bangladesh. It is located in the town of Cox’s Bazar and it is the largest bus station in the country. The bus station has over 40 bus bays and more than 500 buses operating daily. It is the most important hub for long distance buses in the country and it serves as a gateway to the rest of Bangladesh. It also serves as a hub for tourists travelling to or from Cox’s Bazar. The station is run by the Bangladesh Transport Corporation and it has a wide range of services, including ticketing, luggage storage, refreshment stands, and a guest house.

Jhoutola Bus Counter01191275328
Hotel Sea Park Bus Counter01191275329
Chokoria Bus Counter01198096360; 01985650479; 01689840531
Eid Gah Bus Counter01554341303

unique bus counter Rangamati

The Bus Counter Rangamati is a unique bus counter located in the town of Rangamati in Bangladesh. The counter is unique in that it is the only one of its kind in Bangladesh. It is a one-stop-shop for all transportation needs in the area, offering bus tickets, bus routes, bus schedules, and other related services. It is also a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike.

Toblacori Bus Counter035161561
C-Medical Bus Counter63144
Newmarket Bus Counter71085
Kollanpur Bus Counter63222
Ved Vevi Bazar Bus Counter62310
Raujan Bus Counter01811173643
Ranirhat Bus Counter62310
Indra Pur Bus Counter01191125047

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