Jaflong Travel Guide 2024

Jaflong of Sylhet is known as the daughter of nature. Jaflong is one of the favorite places to visit in this district. Jaflong is surrounded by Meghalaya state of India under Goainghat upazila of Sylhet. Here the clear water stream of Pian river flows over the rocks, there are hanging dauki bridges, playing with white clouds on high and low mountains makes Jaflong more beautiful. Jaflong comes out in different forms in each season, which plays an important role in the travel of tourists. One who comes once wants to come here again and again.

jaflong zero point

Hazrat Shahjalal (RA) and Hazrat Shah Paran (RA) shrines come to mind when many of us hear the name of Sylhet. But nowadays the name Sylhet is not only limited to the shrines but also Jaflong, Bichnakandi, Panthumai, Utmachara, Madhavakunda Jharna, Parikund Jharna, Lovachara. , Laxanchhara, Bholaganj, Lalakhal and Ratargul are the background of the magnificent beauty. All these are located near the zero point of Jaflong.

How to go to Sylhet

If you want to go to Jaflong, you have to come to Sylhet, the well-known and famous country of tea. Here you can come to Sylhet from different parts of the country. For example, you can come to Sylhet from Dhaka especially by bus, train and plane. Places to visit near Jaflong Among them are Lalakhal, Tamabil, Jaintapur, Sangrampunji Jharna / Mayavi Jharna, Sangrampunji Tea Garden, DB Haor, jaflong zero point and Shapla Bill. Now let’s know the details.

Dhaka to Sylhet

Sylhet-bound buses depart from Gabtali, Fakirapool, Syedabad and Mohakhali bus terminals in the capital Dhaka. Green Line, Unique, S Alam, Saudia, London Express, Shyamli and Ena Bus are among them. AC bus fare is between Tk 1300 to Tk 1500 per person and non AC bus fare is Tk 670. The distance from Dhaka to Sylhet is 240 km and it takes about 6 to 8 hours to reach Sylhet by bus.

Dhaka to Sylhet by train

Jayantika, Parabat, Upban and Kalni Express trains run from the capital Dhaka to Kamalapur and Airport railway stations. The price of the train ticket is 340 to 900 taka depending on the seat. It takes about 7-8 hours to go to Sylhet by train.

Dhaka to Sylhet by air

You can choose air route to go to Sylhet from Dhaka quickly. From Uttara’s Shahjalal International Airport by air to Dhaka to Sylhet on various flights of Bangladesh Airlines, NovoAir and USBangla Air, the ticket price is around Tk 3,500 to Tk 10,000 depending on the seat.

Sylhet to Jaflong

The general distance from Sylhet to Jaflong is about 60 km. It will take about one and half hour to 2 hours to go directly from Sylhet to Jaflong. Here Jaflong can be reached by Bus, CNG, Laguna and Microbus. Jaflong bound bus departs from Kadmatoli. Local bus fare is Tk 70 per seat and seating service non-stop bus fare is Tk 100 per seat. You can also board the bus from Sobhanighat in your city. Apart from buses, local Laguna services to Jaflong are also always available.

Sylhet to Jaflong by Car

You can go to the reserve car from the front of Bandarbazar Shishupark in Sylhet city. Microbus, CNG and Laguna are always available here. Maximum 5 people in CNG, 10 people in Laguna and microbus can be hired to reserve the car here.

CNG fare for the whole day including going to and from Jaflong will be Tk 1200 to Tk 1500, Laguna Tk 2000 to Tk 2500 and microbus reserve Tk 3000 to Tk 5000. It is better to reserve a car if you are traveling together. Negotiate what you want to see before fixing the car. It is not safe to travel after dusk.

You can go directly to Jaflong by bus or private car if you are going for a picnic or with your family. You can travel and visit different places in less time. Presently the road from Sylhet to Jaflong is quite good. The road to Jaflong Zero Point is quite popular without going to Mamar Bazar and passing Guchchgram BGB camp.

Where will Jaflong stay?

Tourists visiting Jaflong usually return to Sylhet city for overnight stay. Moreover, if you have Sylhet, it is convenient to go to other destinations. Hotels in Sylhet are located around Shahjalal Mazar. There are good quality residential hotels from Dargah Gate to Amberkhana, Lamabazar, Taltala, Kadmatoli. If you want to stay here at a low cost, you will find various accommodation hotels of 600-1000 taka in the Darga Gate area.

Among the popular residential hotels in Celete are – Hotel Holy Gate, La Vista Hotel, Holy Inn, Pansy Inn, Hotel Metro International, Britannia Hotel etc. Staying in these hotels will cost you from 2,000 to 10,000 taka.
Among the luxury hotels and resorts, there are some popular hotels like Nirvana Inn, Rose View Hotel, Hotel Noorjahan Grand, Nazimgar Resort, Grand Palace and some other hotels. The cost here will be around 8,000 to 30,000 rupees per night.

stay in Jaflong

If you want to stay in Jaflong, then the hotels in Mamar Bazaar area include Jaflong Inn Hotel, Jaflong Green Hotel, Jaflong Inn, Lamine Guest House, Betain Resort, Ka Bari War Resort, View Point Resort and Hotel Paris and some other rest houses. You can also contact Jaintia Hill Resort near Jaflong with a beautiful landscape view. And prior permission is required to stay in government rest houses.

jaflong restaurant

Among the restaurants located in Jaflong, Sylhet are the Border View Restaurant, Jaflong View Restaurant and Jaflong Tourist Restaurant.
If you want to eat in the city of Sylhet, you can eat your favorite desi food at cheap prices at Pansi, Panch Bhai and Palki restaurants located in Zindabazar area. These restaurants are especially appreciated by everyone for their wide variety of bhartas, khichuri and meat dishes. Here you can have breakfast for 50-100 taka per person and lunch or dinner will cost 150-300 taka.

Some travel tips in Jaflong

  • A group will reduce the cost.
  • If you want to buy or eat something, bargain first.
  • As Jaflong is a border area with India, follow the border area guidelines.
  • Bargain before fixing the car.
  • Be careful when getting into the water, many places are quite deep due to rock removal.
  • Be nice to the locals of Jaflong.
  • Avoid doing things that are harmful to nature and environment.

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