Train Tracker । Bangladesh Railway Train Tracking 2023

Do you want to confirm train location? Yes you are on the right page. (Train tracker) Here all the details on how to check the location of all the trains in Bangladesh Railway are nicely given below. Those of us who regularly travel by train or our relatives do, can use train trucking services to avoid train delays. Several mobile operators in the country provide this service.

Current position of the train, when will it arrive at the station, when will the train arrive at the station of your destination? You can know about etc.

TTMS System was launched last 27th January 3125 and on the auspicious occasion of Hon’ble Railway Minister Mr. Mujbul Haque MP.

Train Tracking 2023

You can know the number direction, time of leaving, location of the number, current stopage, real time based number etc under Train Tracking service.

Sample SMS: TR <space>Train no. or TR <space>Train name write 16318 By sending the number, you will know your current location through SMS.

Example: How to know the location of an Inter-City Ekta Express from Dhaka to Dinajpur
SMS: : TR <space> 705 or : TR <space> Ekota text 16318.
This service Per SMS charge by this service : BDT 4 Tk. (VAT, SD and SC applicable)
Following are the details of the forwarded SMS :-

Train tracker

Train Tracker information guideline

We are showing here the chart of all train names in Bangladesh, along with train number, train code, departure time, and origin and destination place names. You can easily Train Tracker to your destination by using train code or number from this chart to send SMS from mobile.

SLTrain NameTrain IDTrain CodeStart FromDestinationStart time
3Barendra 732barenChilahatiRajshahi5:50
4Upakul 711upakulNoakhaliDhaka6:00
6Shirajgonj Ex775sirajShirajgonjDhaka6:00
8Sundarban 726sundarDhakaKhulna6:20
9Titumir 733tituRajshahiChilahati6:20
10Kapotaskh 715kapotKhulnaRajshahi6:30
12Parabat 709paraDhakaSylhet6:35
14Egaro Pro D738egaropdKishorganjDhaka6:50
15Subarna 701subarnaChittagongDhaka7:00
16Madhumati 756madhuRajshahiGoalonda G.7:00
17Kaloni 774kaloniSylhetDhaka7:10
18Shonar Bangla788sonaDhakaChittagong7:00
19Moitree 3108moitreedKolkataDhaka Cantt7:10
20Rupsha U727rubshauKhulnaSaidpur7:15
21Egaro Pro U737egaropuDhakaKishorganj7:15
22Bijoy Ex785bijoyChittagongMymensing 7:20
23Tista707tistaDhakaDewangonj 7:30
24Silk city 754silkRajshahiDhaka7:40
26Rupsha D728rubshadSaidpurKhulna8:00
28Moitree3107moitreeuDhaka CanttKolkata8:15
29Haor Ex778haorMohanganjDhaka8:30
30Joyantika Dn718joyantdSylhetDhaka8:40
31Chitra 763chitraKhulnaDhaka8:40
32Paharika Up719paharuChittagongSylhet9:00
33Rangpur Ex771rangDhakaRangpur9:00
34Drutajan 758drutaDinajpurRangpur9:15
36Ekota 705ekotaDhakaDinajpur10:00
37Paharika Dn720pahardSylhetChittgong10:15
38Kishorgonj Ex781kishorDhakaKishorganj10:35
39Lalmoni Dn752laldLalmonirhatDhaka10:40
40Joyantika Up717joyantuDhakaSylhet12:00
41Mohanogor Ex721mohaChittagongDhaka12:30
42Egaro god D750egarogdKishorganjDhaka12:30
43Dolanchapa 767dolanSantaharDinajpur13:30
44Titumir 734tituChilahatiRajshahi14:00
46Mohangonj Ex789mohanDhaka Mohangonj14:20
47Silk city 753silkDhaka Rajshahi14:40
48Kishorgonj Ex782kishorKishorganjDhaka14:40
49Subarna 702subarnaDhakaChittagong15:00
52Parabat 710paraSylhetDhaka15:00
53Barendra 731barenRajshahiChilahati15:00
54Madhumati755madhuGoalonda GhatRajshahi15:00
55Upakul 712upakulDhakaNoakhali15:20
56Padma 760padmaRajshahiDhaka 16:00
57Sagardari 761sagarKhulnaRajshahi16:00
58Kaloni 773kaloniDhakaSylhet16:00
59Jamuna 745jamunaDhakaTarakandi16:40
61Shirajgonj Ex776shirajDhakaShirajgonj 17:00
62Shonar Bangla787sonaChittagongDhaka17:00
63Meghna 729meghnaChittagongChandpur17:15
65Egaro god U749egaroguDhakaKishorganj18:30
66Simanta D748simadChilahatiKhulna18:45
67Chitra 764chitraDhakaKhulna19:00
69Rangpur Ex772rangRangpurDhaka20:00
70Bijoy Ex786bijoyMymensing JnChittagong20:00
71Sundarban 725sundarKhulnaDhaka20:30
72Mohanogor Ex722mohaDhakaChittagong21:00
73Simanta U747simauKhulnaChilahati21:15
75Udayan Dn724udaydSylhetChittgong21:20
76Udayan Up723udayuChittagongSylhet21:45
77Upaban Up739upabanuDhakaSylhet21:50
78Upaban Dn740upabandSylhetDhaka22:00
79Lalmoni Up751laluDhakaLalmonirhat22:10
80Ekota 706ekotaDinajpurDhaka23:00
81Turna U741turnauChittagongDhaka23:00
82Padma 759padmaDhaka Rajshahi23:10
83Dhumketu 770dhumRajshahiDhaka23:20
84Turna D742turnadDhakaChittagong23:30
85Mohangonj Ex790mohanMohanganjDhaka23:30
86Haor Ex777haorDhakaMohanganj23:50
87Karotoa Up713karouSantaharBurimari9:00
88Karotoa Dn714karodBurimariSantahar15:40

Rail Sheba app for Bangladesh Railway

The “Rail Sheba” app offers the most convenient and simple experience while purchasing train tickets online. All you have to do is sign in to your account, search for your desired trains, choose your seats, make an online payment and travel with ease using your e-ticket.

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Key highlights:

  • You can purchase train tickets from all stations (selling computerized tickets) from the app.
  • This app allows passengers to pay for the train tickets using multiple Mobile Financial Services, debit and credit cards.
  • You can browse through your travel history and download your e-Ticket from your account.
  • The app is built to value your time. It is fast and user-friendly and secured by a 256-bit SSL certificate.
    Download the app now and buy train tickets in Bangladesh with ease.
    Updated on Jun 22, 2022

airport railway station

Airport railway station or Biman Bandar railway station is a railway station in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Situated opposite to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, it can be accessed from the Airport Road.

It is the second stoppage for trains in Dhaka, after the Kamalapur railway station. Trains come from India and locally Khulna, Jessore, Noakhali, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Comilla, and many important towns and cities

Surely you have no more questions about train schedule and fare list. Because above, I have given the list and schedule of all the trains from Dhaka to Rajshahi in a very nice way in the form of a table and the day of closure. From the table above you can easily travel to your destination.

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