How to Go Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake is a man-made lake located in the Rangamati district of Bangladesh.It was created in 1962 with the construction of the Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli River, which resulted in the displacement of thousands of indigenous people from their ancestral lands.

Despite the controversy surrounding its creation, Kaptai Lake has become a popular tourist destination due to its scenic beauty and the various recreational activities available there. Visitors can enjoy boat rides on the lake, explore the surrounding forests, go fishing, or visit the nearby tribal villages.

Rangamati, on the other hand, is a district located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh, bordered by the Indian state of Tripura to the north, the Chittagong Hill Tracts to the south and southeast, and the Mizoram state of India to the east. It is known for its lush green hills, waterfalls, and diverse indigenous communities. Rangamati is also home to the Kaptai Lake and serves as a gateway for tourists visiting the lake and the surrounding areas.

How to Go Kaptai Lake

Kaptai can be directly reached by various buses from Sayedabad Bus Terminal or Kamalapur Railway Station under the South City Corporation of Dhaka. It takes about 7 to 8 hours to travel here. Besides, if you want to go to Kaptai from Chittagong, the bus leaves every 30 minutes from Baddarhat bus stand to Kaptai, the bus fare is Tk 80-120. The journey time takes about 2 hours. Coming to Chittagong from Dhaka by train, you can leave for Kaptai from Baddarhat bus terminal.

To go to Kaptai lake from Bandarban, you can take a bus leaving for Rangamati from Rowanchhari bus terminal and get down at Barichhari and go to Kaptai via CNG.
Kaptai can be reached by road from Rangamati by bus or by CNG or trawler boat via Kaptai Lake.

Where Will You Stay

Kaptai has not yet developed a good commercial hotel for overnight stay. So if you want to spend the night, it is better to contact the government rest house authorities of Kaptai before going. Also, subject to the permission of the concerned government office, you can stay overnight at the rest houses of Army, PDB, Water Development Board and Forest Department at low cost. Rangamati is near Kaptai or if your tour plan is like that, you can stay at Rangamati.

For your convenience, some information about hotels, motels and resthouses in Rangamati is provided below:

Hotel Information
Titel : KPM Guest House KPM
Name of Operator/Owner : KPM, Kaptai, Rangamati Hill District.
Address : Karnaphuli Paper Mills Limited Chandraghona 1 No Chandraghona U.P Upazila-Kaptai District-Rangamati Hills District.
Mobile no : —
Type of Hotel : Government
Titel : Zoom Restaurant
Name of Operator/Owner : 4, BGB Battalion, Waggachra, Kaptai
Address : 4, BGB Battalion, Waggachara, Kaptai Rangamati Hill District.
Mobile no : —
Type of Hotel : Government
Titel : Banashree Tourism Complex
Name of Operator/Owner : Engineer Robayet Akhter
Address : 11/A Silchari, Post Office-Shilchari Upazila-Kaptai District-Rangamati Hill District.
Mobile no : 0189503158
Type of Hotel : Private
Titel : Upazila Parishad Rest House
Name of Operator/Owner : Upazila Parishad, Kaptai
Address : Upazila Parishad Rest House Upazila Administration, Kaptai Rangamati Hill District.
Mobile no : 01821535301
Type of Hotel : Government
Titel : BFIDC Rest House
Name of Operator/Owner : Bangladesh Forestry Development Corporation (FIDC), Kaptai
Address : Lock Gate, No. 4 Kaptai U.P, Upazila-Kaptai, District-Rangamati Hill District.
Mobile no : 01712628642
Type of Hotel : Government
Titel : Banful Restroom
Name of Operator/Owner : Forest Department, Kaptai
Address : Banful Rest House, Bangchari, No. 4 Kaptai UP, Upazila-Kaptai, District-Rangamati Hill District.
Mobile no : 01821935354
Type of Hotel : Government

Sights around Kaptai Lake

Hanging Bridge, Rangamati Subhlong Jharna, Rangamati Kaptai Dam, Karnaphuli River, Navy Academy, Sheikh Russell Ecopark, Cable Car


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