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Sajek Valley tour is one of the most beautiful and popular places in Bangladesh. It is located in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati district, with an area of ​​702 square miles. It is a border area of ​​Tripura-Mizoram. Its height is 1800 feet above sea level. Although it is located in Rangamati district, it is very convenient to travel here from Khagrachari. Because, its distance from Khagrachari’s Dighinala is only 40 km. So the travel enthusiasts prefer to go to Sajek from Dighinala. All update information about of our goroli website. I hope our post most helpful for you.
Because of the lack of water in Saje. But don’t worry. Water needed for bathing and other purposes is delivered to Sajeka by truck every day.

Sajek Valley Tour cost

Although Sajek is located in Rangamati district, it is very easy to travel to Sajek via Dighinala in Khagrachari district. So first you have to come to Khagrachari.
If you want to go to Khagrachari from Dhaka, you can take Hanif Enterprise, Saudia, Shyamli, Shanti Paribahan, S Alam, Eagle etc. buses. Non AC bus fare is Tk 620. If you want to go by AC bus, you can go to Saint Martin Hyundai Robi Express, Hanif Enterprise, Relax Transport, Shyamoli, Desh Travels, Econo Service for 1000 to 1500 Tk. And the buses usually leave for Khagrachari by 10 pm. Besides, Shanti Paribahan bus goes directly to Dighinala, the fare is Tk 680.

How to get from Dhaka to Sajek Valley

Shyamoli, Hanif, S Alam, Saudia and Shanti Paribahan buses ply on Khagrachari route from Dhaka. There are transport counters in different parts of Dhaka city including Gabtali, Kala Bagan. The bus leaves from Dhaka and reaches Khagrachari town via Chittagong Road via Comilla, Feni via Mirsrai of Chittagong. It takes about 8 hours.

To go to Sajek valley, you have to go to Dighinala first. You can go down to Dighinala for half an hour from Hajachara Jharna. You can take a bath with it. Because of the lack of water in Saje. But don’t worry. Water needed for bathing and other purposes is delivered to Sajeka by truck every day.

Khagrachari to Sajek valley fare list

From Khagrachari you have to go to Saje in an open jeep, also known as Chander Garhi. follow the under table sajek valley fare list :

Mode of JourneyPick Up CarJeep Chander Car
Sajek comes and goes6,0006,000
1 night stay in Sajek8,3007,700
Sajek 1 night stay, including Alutila,
Richang fountain and hanging bridge
Sajek 2 night stay11,1009,600
Sajek 2 night stay, including Alutila,
Richang fountain and hanging bridge
13,200 11,400

Travel to Sajek valley from Chittagong

Chittagong From you can go to Sajek via Khagrachari or Dighinala. BRTC AC bus from Kadmatoli of Chittagong runs 4 buses daily, fare is 2000 taka. Besides, Shanti Paribahan bus (fare 190 taka) runs every 1 hour from Oxygen Junction. It will take 4-5 hours to go from Chittagong to Khagrachari by bus.

Travel from Cox’s Bazar to Sajek valley tour

Sajek can be reached from Cox’s Bazar via Khagrachari. Shanti Paribahan buses ply on Cox’s Bazar – Khagrachari route. The bus leaves from Cox’s Bazar at 9 and 10 pm for Khagrachari, the fare of this non-AC bus is Tk 550.

Travel from Rangamati to Sajek

Baghaichari can be reached from Rangamati by both sea and road. The launch takes 5-6 hours from Reserve Bazar Launch Ghat every morning between 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM. Fare per person 150-250 taka. The bus departs from Rangamati Bus Terminal between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, the fare is Tk 200 per person. It takes 6-7 hours. It is also possible to go directly to Baghaichhari from Dhaka and Chittagong. Sajek Valley can be reached from Baghaichari by jeep (carriage) or motorbike at a fare of Rs.300/- per person.

where will you stay Sajek valley

There are more than a hundred resorts and cottages to stay in Sajeke valley. Depending on the resort, the rent for a room for one night will be from Tk 1500 to Tk 15,000. If you want to go on holidays, it is better to book a month in advance, otherwise there is less certainty of getting a good room. And if you want to stay at a lower price, you can stay in tribal cottages.

Sajek Valley Tour cost

Resort Rungrang :

Resort Rungrang is one of the best resorts in Sajek. The resort is ideal for watching the horizon line the mountains and the clouds fly by. The resort has 4 double and 4 couple rooms with elegant interior design. On holidays double bed room rent is 3500 taka and couple 2800 taka. All other days double bed room rent 2800 and couple 2000 taka. Contact Number for Booking: 01884-710 723, 01869-649 817

Sajek Resort

Bangladesh Army managed resort Sajek Resort. Non AC rooms are priced at Tk 10,000 – 15,000. Food is available. There is a discount for serving in the army or first class government officials. You can contact this number: 01859-025694 / 01847-070395 / 01769-302370

Runmoy Resort

There are 5 rooms in total. Each room can accommodate 2 persons. The ground floor room rent is Tk 4450. Each room can accommodate 2 persons. You can get an extra bed for 600 rupees. You can also buy an extra bed for 600 rupees. Contact: 0186547688

Meghpunji Resort

Meghpunji has 4 cottages with beautiful eco decoration and attractive landscape view, each cottage can accommodate maximum 4 persons. Rent 4000-4500 Tk. Contact: 01815-761065

Madventure Resort

The resort has spacious balconies on every floor. Madventure Resort premium couple room rent 4000 taka, couple classic room rent 3500 taka and double classic room rent 3500 taka. Contact: 01885-424242

Megh Machang

Megh Machang Resort is preferred by many for its beautiful view and relatively low cost. There are catering facilities. There are five cottages in Megh Machang. Rent 3500-4500 Tk. Contact: 01822-168877

Jumghar Eco Resort

For accommodation, this resort has a total of 6 couple rooms in separate cottages. Each room accommodates a maximum of 4 people. 4000 rupees per cottage. Contact: 01884-208060

Lusai Cottage

With beautiful decoration and good landscape view, TGB Lusai Cottage has different categories of rooms for couples, families or groups. The rent of these rooms is from Tk 2500 to Tk 4500. Contact: 01634-198005

Alo Resort

Ruilui neighborhood just before Sajek. Out of 6 rooms, 4 are double rooms (2 beds). Rent 1000-1500 Tk. Contact: 01841-000645

Tribal houses

Apart from this, if you want to stay at a lower cost, you can also stay in tribal houses. You can stay for 150-300 rupees per person. Although not ideal for families or couples, friends can stay together.

  • There is no electricity in many places in Sajek, there is solar power system. You can also keep a power bank.
  • Only Robi, Airtel and Teletalk networks are available in Saje.
  • The road to Sajek is very winding and up and down, so this route is dangerous. Be careful when traveling in jeeps.
  • Sajek does not require a guide.
  • Take permission from indigenous people when photographing them. Do not take pictures without permission.
  • Be kind to the indigenous people and show respect for their culture.
  • Book a room in advance (a few months) to avoid hassles if you go on holidays.
  • There are security forces camps at several places on the way. Members traveling there have to submit certain information. Cooperate with them for safety. Keep a copy of your national identity card with you.
  • If you go for two or three days without leaving the car, just fix the car to go, come back in another car or call from Dighinala and send a car and come back.

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