FIFA World Cup 2024 schedule

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule qatar is an absolute dream for football lovers. The group stage consists of four matches a day all within a 46-mile radius of each other. This schedule provides a rare opportunity for fans. Below you will find the tentative tournament schedule 2022 World Cup experience.

FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule

21-Nov-22Qatar Vs Ecuador7:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
21-Nov-22Senegal Vs Netherlands1:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
21-Nov-22England Vs Iran4:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
21-Nov-22USA Vs Wales10:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
22-Nov-22France Vs Australia10:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
22-Nov-22Denmark Vs Tunisia4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
22-Nov-22Mexico Vs Poland7:00 PMStadium 974
22-Nov-22Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia1:00 PMLusail Stadium
23-Nov-22Belgium Vs Canada10:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
23-Nov-22Spain Vs Costa Rica7:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
23-Nov-22Germany Vs Japan4:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
23-Nov-22Morocco Vs Croatia1:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
24-Nov-22Switzerland Vs Cameroon1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
24-Nov-22Uruguay Vs South Korea4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
24-Nov-22Portugal Vs Ghana7:00 PMStadium 974
24-Nov-22Brazil Vs Serbia10:00 PMLusail Stadium
25-Nov-22Iran Vs Wales1:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
25-Nov-22Qatar Vs Senegal4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
25-Nov-22Netherlands Vs Ecuador7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
25-Nov-22England Vs USA10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
26-Nov-22Tunisia Vs Australia1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
26-Nov-22Poland Vs Saudi Arabia4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
26-Nov-22France Vs Denmark7:00 PMStadium 974
26-Nov-22Argentina Vs Mexico10:00 PMLusail Stadium
27-Nov-22Japan Vs Costa Rica 1:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
27-Nov-22Belgium Vs Morocco4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
27-Nov-22Croatia Vs Canada7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
27-Nov-22Spain Vs Germany10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
28-Nov-22Serbia Vs Cameroon1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
28-Nov-22South Korea Vs Ghana4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
28-Nov-22Brazil Vs Switzerland7:00 PMStadium 974
28-Nov-22Portugal Vs Uruguay10:00 PMLusail Stadium
29-Nov-22England Vs Wales10:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
29-Nov-22Iran Vs USA10:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
29-Nov-22Ecuador Vs Senegal6:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
29-Nov-22Netherlands Vs Qatar6:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
30-Nov-22Denmark Vs Australia6:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
30-Nov-22Tunisia Vs France6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
30-Nov-22Poland Vs Argentina10:00 PMStadium 974
30-Nov-22Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico10:00 PMLusail Stadium
1-Dec-22Croatia Vs Belgium6:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
1-Dec-22Canada Vs Morocco6:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
1-Dec-22Japan Vs Spain10:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
1-Dec-22Costa Rica Vs Germany10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
2-Dec-22Ghana Vs Uruguay 6:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
2-Dec-22South Korea Vs Portugal6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
2-Dec-22Serbia Vs Switzerland10:00 PMStadium 974
2-Dec-22Brazil Vs Cameroon10:00 PMLusail Stadium
3-Dec-221A Vs 2B6:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
3-Dec-221C Vs 2D10:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
4-Dec-221B Vs 2A10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
4-Dec-221D Vs 2C6:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
5-Dec-221E Vs 2F6:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
5-Dec-221G Vs 2H10:00 PMStadium 974
6-Dec-221F Vs 2E6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
6-Dec-221H Vs 2G10:00 PMLusail Stadium
9-Dec-22W49 Vs W5010:00 PMLusail Stadium
9-Dec-22W53 Vs W546:00 PMEducation City Stadium
10-Dec-22W51 Vs W5210:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
10-Dec-22W55 Vs W566:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
13-Dec-22W57 Vs W5810:00 PMLusail Stadium
14-Dec-22W59 Vs W6010:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
17-Dec-22L61 Vs L6210:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
18-Dec-22W61 Vs W6210:00 PMLusail Stadium

Most interesting fact about the World Cup?

The most watched event on television is the Football World Cup. Even the world’s most popular sport surpasses the Olympics. According to World Cup data, the 2006 World Cup was watched by 1 in 9 people worldwide, and in 2010, 204 teams participated in the World Cup.

Why is the world Cup every 4 years?

The World Cup is held every four years because national teams have enough time between them to prepare for qualification tournaments, play-offs and qualifiers. Additionally, these four years give the host nation enough time to plan exactly how they will celebrate their tournament and how best to cater for the arrival, departure, accommodation, etc. of millions of fans.

Where will the World Cup matches take place 2022 ?

Qatars FiFa World Cup 2022 will play out in eight stadiums in Doha. The 2022 Fifa World Cup Venues are:

  • Al Rayyan Stadium in Al Rayyan
  • Al Thumama Stadium in Doha
  • Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor
  • Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah
  • Lusail Stadium in Lusail
  • Khalifa International Stadium in Doha
  • Stadium 974 in Doha
  • Education City Stadium in Doha

All World Cup venues are located within 46 miles of each other. And that’s why this World Cup 2022 has made an incredible opportunity for visitors to the World Cup in Qatar.