Achim Paribahan Bus Routes 2022 (আছিম পরিবহন বাস রুট)

Ashim Paribahan starts their service from Gabtali to Demra Staff Quarters. Achim Paribahan in the capital usually provides semi seating services as well as some seating services. This transport is particularly noteworthy for those who wish to travel from Gabtali to Demra Staff Quarters or from Demra Staff Quarters to Gabtali.

If you live in the capital, you need to know the local buses and routes of Dhaka at all times. You can take the help of Google Maps to travel anywhere in the capital, but if you want to know which bus routes in Dhaka, follow our page GOROLI.

Which bus to go to the capital Dhaka? Where does the bus go? Which bus routes in Dhaka? Check out the brief description and approximate distance of major bus routes in Dhaka. Officially fixed bus fare per person per km. For this – Tk.

Achim Paribahan Bus Routes

Gabtoli ⇄ Technical ⇄ Ansar Camp ⇄ Mirpur 1 ⇄ Sony Cinema Hall ⇄ Mirpur 2 ⇄ Mirpur 10 ⇄ Mirpur 11 ⇄ Purobi ⇄ Kalshi ⇄ ECB Square ⇄ MES ⇄ Shewra ⇄ Kuril Bishwa Road ⇄ Jamuna Future Park ⇄ Bashundhara ⇄ Nadda ⇄ Notun Bazar ⇄ Bashtola ⇄ Shahjadpur ⇄ Uttar Badda ⇄ Badda – Madhya Badda ⇄ Merul ⇄ Rampura Bridge ⇄ Banasree ⇄ Demra Staff Quarter.

Achim Paribahan Bus size from 42 to 52 seats. They also provide a half-price student fare but government Day off Friday half price off.

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