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Do you want to know about the skitto sim internet offer? Yes, you are visiting the right place. We will discuss in detail about Skitto SIM internet, call rates and current packages.
Find out the price, where to find and how to buy Skitto SIM. Many of you have heard that Skitto SIM offers various internet packages at affordable prices. Although you can see below how acceptable it is today. Because Skitto is constantly increasing the price of other packages.
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skitto sim price

Skitto SIM Price Bangladesh We will discuss Grameenphone Skitto SIM price among you. Specialty seams tend to cost a lot. Don’t worry at all it is being sold at an affordable price to make the internet accessible to all customers.

Many people want to use the Grameenphone Skito SIM, so that you can easily buy the SIM in the current market at an affordable price, the price of this SIM has been increased to Tk 220. But it will gradually increase the demand of Skito SIM and soon its price will come down.

skitto sim SMS packs

10 SMS 1.5 tkDailyAll price includes 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT & 1% surcharge.
No auto-renewal, standard sms rates will apply upon pack expiry.
Pack validity will start from the exact moment of activation and run its full duration.
100 SMS 10 tkWeeklyAll price includes 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT & 1% surcharge.
No auto-renewal, standard sms rates will apply upon pack expiry.
Pack validity will start from the exact moment of activation and run its full duration.
another Details by skitto sim site.

skitto sim Call rate

Call TypeTimeTakaVAT Pulse
skitto to skitto24 hours0.90/min1.20/min1 Sec
skitto to other GP products0.90/min1.20/min
skitto to any local  number0.90/min1.20/min

Skitto Sim SMS

SMS TypeTimetakaVAT
skitto to skitto24 hours0.25/SMS0.33/SMS
skitto to other GP numbers0.25/SMS0.33/SMS
SMS (skitto to any local number)0.25/SMS0.33/SMS
international number2.50/SMS3.33/SMS

skitto New Sim offer

For those of you who are using Skito new SIM. Many of them want to know about the new SIM offers? Today’s post is for them-

3GB InternetFree7 Days
100 SMSFree30 Days
10 TakaPreload30 Days
50 MBFree Data7 Days

skitto sim internet offer

3 GB 51 TkNow you are getting 3 GB internet at even lower price for a period of three days. Under this package you can buy 3 GB internet by spending 51 rupees. This package needs to be activated from the Skito app. Any website can be visited using this internet. Auto-renewal does not apply.
2.5 GB 46 Taka 3 days validityYou are getting 2.5 GB internet for 46 taka for three days. That is, you are getting 500 megabytes of internet for just five rupees less. So it would be wise to go for the 3 GB package at Rs 51.
3 GB 97 Taka for 30 daysUsually 3GB internet is available for Rs 100 on Skito SIM. But you can activate this package for just 97 rupees by recharging online. This internet package will be valid for 30 days.
5 GB 88 Taka 7 daysIf you need more internet data, you can buy 5 GB internet for a period of seven days. It will cost you Tk.88.

Benefits of using GP Skito SIM are-

1. Call Rate Offer.
2. Internet offers.
3. SMS pack offer.
4. Offer on purchase of any pack.
5. Any offer does not require you to use USSD code.
Also the trust that Scooty SIM offers to customers is-
1. Customers can easily access the internet and change any service they want.
2. A super simple and beautiful app to use.
3. So that customers can enjoy all the offers offered by Skito SIM with just one app.
4. They also claim that it is not possible to get lost in the endless forest with Skito Sim.

Skitto SIM Price Bangladesh- F&Q

Is it necessary to use USSD code in Skito SIM?

Answer: There is no need to use USSD code in Skito SIM.

What is the current demand for Skito SIM?

Answer: Currently the demand for Skito SIM is very high. Because by using this SIM, customers are getting more services in less time and also getting better network system.

How many GB internet free customers are getting by purchasing Skito SIM?

Answer: Customers will get 1GB internet free by purchasing Skito SIM.

What is the call rate of Skito SIM?

Answer: Skito SIM call rate is 64 paisa/min on any network.

Can I recharge from Bikash if I use Skito SIM?

Answer: If you use Skito SIM, you can definitely recharge from BKash. We have given you the details of how to recharge through this article.

Grameenphone Company manufactures SIMs in different categories according to the needs of users at different times. Among them, the wet SIM is the internal SIM of Grameenphone company.
A wet SIM plays an important role for those who use the Internet. Stay with us for more offers.

Thank you so much for visit our website.


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